Mobile partition walls in kindergartens

Taking care of our kids, relevant institutions impose on kindergartens more and more legal regulations and guidelines, relating not just to educative methods, but also to preparation of safe rooms, in which the little kids shall spend time with their peers.


A kindergarten room fulfills a number of tasks. It’s a place, where little kids play and learn, lie down, and even have their first, morning meal. Organizing that area in a way that enables peaceful and hygienic performance of these tasks under watchful supervision of caretaker, frequently produces numerous difficulties. The application of mobile sliding walls resolves that problem, enabling for easy and fast singling out of separate space.

Peaceful sleep of kid

Lying down at kindergarten is an important daily routine of kids. It’s then, when they have time for recuperation, which in effect, enables for better concentration later on, when learning. However, often the little kids excited by their first hours in kindergarten, full of emotions, are unable to calm down. The noise coming from neighbouring rooms, in which other kids learn and play, can make this more difficult for them. Komandor mobile walls, thanks to their acoustic qualities, provide to the little kids peace and quiet, which shall let them enjoy blissful and regenerative sleep prior to the challenges ahead.

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