Al Salman”

Al Salman


Mr. Al is a founding partner of Komandor Canada as VP of sales has been with the company for the past 12 years.

He brings with him 30 years of experience in design, doors and partition wall systems; working in Residential, Industrial and Commercial. A motivating leader with an entrepreneurial spirit, Salman has cultivated natural leadership skills during his career.

He works out of Toronto, Canada and currently has dealers in Chicago, New York, Quebec City, Montreal, Calgary and Winnipeg.

Mr. Al is looking to acquire new dealerships in the US and Canada.

Please contact Salman Al for product info, design or quotation at:
in Canada 416-897-0541 or U.S. 708-970-8322

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Andrzej Matias”

Andrzej Matias


I am running my business for over 30 years. Because of an opportunity for me to develop my business in Komandor Walls project I had became an authorized dealer.

Precision and durability are always priority for me. In my company satisfaction of a client is on the first place.

Privately, for many years, my hobbies are skiing, sailing and active leisure.

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Maciej Sobczyk”

Maciej Sobczyk


We are a family business, trying hard to deliver our clients proper service, so they would come back to us and to recommend us to the others. We had realied a lot of interesting and sophisticated projects. Experience gained on challenging polish market enables us to work also on foreign markets.

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Paul Ibbotson”

Paul Ibbotson


I have a keen interest in natural and sustainable thermal and acoustic insulation products. My experience whilst selling and marketing these products has given me the opportunity to work on a wide variety of construction projects. I give technical assistance and advice for both acoustic and thermal insulation applications, in both Ireland and the UK. I am in regular contact with specialist insulation companies, architects, specifiers, builders, acousticians and the general public.

Whilst working for Acara Concepts, the company which I founded in 2007, I have travelled extensively throughout Europe sourcing quality natural and sustainable acoustic and thermal insulation products in Germany, Switzerland, France and Poland. Along the way I have also been involved in gaining accreditation and acoustic testing of our products.

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Piotr Woźniak”

Piotr Woźniak


I am Authorized Dealer since 1990 AD.

Longterm cooperation with Komandor company enabled me to gain a massive experience in area of interior design and construction. Today I could realize the next challanges in movable walls area.

Privatly I am a runner, taking part in events like a Spartan Race.

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Remigiusz Czubrychowski”

Remigiusz Czubrychowski


I started a cooperation with Komandor at the beginning of its existence. I am an active entrepreneur since 1991.

Thanks to many years of cooperation with a leader in the field of interior design, I acquired experience in the implementation of large projects.

My strength is product knowledge, practice, and professional staff. 

As a Komandor Walls dealer, I propose my services to all those for whom high quality, reliability, and business success is important.

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Bogdan Czubecki”

Bogdan Czubecki


With Komandor Company I am related from the beginning of its existence on polish market. First as a trade director of production facility and after reorganization as a regional director of Komandor Rzeszów, and now as an active businessman recommending Komandor products on a global market.

In area of designing and fitting interiors I have gained experience needed to realize big projects and fulfill requirements. As an engineer, graduate of Mechanical Faculty of Cracow University of Technology, I have predispositions, but also knowledge needed in technical consulting.

Proffesional aproach, knowledge of the product and directness and openness in contacts with clients are my assets. Important for me is uprightness – both my and client and guarantee of high quality.

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W związku z uzyskanymi przez Komandor S.A. informacjami niezgodnymi ze stanem faktycznym i prawnym, Komandor S.A. oświadcza, że Umowa Autoryzowanego Dealera KOMANDOR WALLS z firmą Mobile Acoustic Walls Mariusz Chwedoruk została rozwiązana. W związku z powyższym Firma ta nie figuruje już na liście Autoryzowanych Dealereów Komandor Walls. Jednocześnie Komandor S.A. informuje, że nie ponosi żadnej odpowiedzialności za jakość obsługi swoich klientów w zakresie sprzedaży, a także napraw gwarancyjnych i pogwarancyjnych ścian mobilnych, świadczonych przez nieautoryzowany podmiot.