Encourage to get in… from the start

Big shopping malls attract crowds of people. There must be something that make them come just to this specific shop or café and not the other one. Although a shop sign of a well-known company is often enough to attract customers, sometimes more is needed. There is no one magical way to convince, using only visual incentives, a prospective buyer to the quality of our products and an exquisite gourmet to the values of our cuisine. Nevertheless, we may persuade customers, by building appropriate climate from the start, that it is worth taking a chance to check out what we can offer.

Desires versus restrictions

In case of detached buildings we can determine how external elevation should look like or choose the materials to be used, what makes it easier for us to create the desired climate. However, in case of shopping malls, it is a big problem. The tenants are bound by certain rules and restrictions, which make it impossible for them to interfere in the building architecture. It could seem that it excludes the possibility to distinguish oneself against the others – nothing could be more mistaken.

Nothing to hide

An ideal solution in case of the premises located in shopping malls are glass sliding walls. They don’t limit the visibility when they serve the purpose of shop exhibition. With proper management of the interior and an interesting design of shop or restaurant, they make the whole room a showcase and facilitate convincing customers to the qualities of a given place even before taking advantage of the services. Owing to huge glasses, the interior is a real advertisement – by looking inside we see guests sitting at the table and enjoying their talks and the meals, the amateurs of fashion and interiors looking at specific clothes and objects, which perhaps will attract the observers walking next to them.

Openness to customers

Mobile walls also create a possibility of literal openness to customers by special occasions. The new collection, promotions, a visit of an expert or maybe a gratuitous tasting of appetisers served by the chef? Such recurrent activities, if they are to bear fruit, need to be properly communicated and exposed. Mobile walls facilitate opening of the whole space, which so far has been limited by glass. Such a premises more than usually encourages to check out what is happening inside, it prevents the crowd at the door, thus enabling customers to get in unrestrainedly. In this situation there is nothing more to do than provide professional services and assure friendly atmosphere to encourage customers to come back.


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