Movable walls – an ideal solution in clinics

The era of clinics and medical cabinets which additionally depressed the patients and their relatives with its aura is over. More and more attention is paid to the look of the centres attended by people who are concerned about their health. How to design clinics which will not only meet applicable requirements but will also look modern and friendly…?

Immaculately clean and... aesthetically

The TAW movable walls are an ideal solution for medical cabinets and clinics. Glass filling makes them immaculately clean, is friendly for allergic patients (minimal amount of dust deposits on smooth surface, what hinders the dust mites and other allergens from growing). It makes it possible for the light to get through and concurrently provides the possibility to separate areas intended for different purposes (for example a reception desk and waiting room from the rest of the building). With the application of milk or coloured glass, the movable walls guarantee intimacy, greater comfort and they visually warm the interior, giving the effect of softness and spaciousness.

Coloured glass may additionally refer to the clinic logotype’s colour scheme. The application of colourful fillings in part of the panels will brighten the interior. In addition, it is possible to press the names of separated areas on the glass, thus achieving not only an elegant effect but also the signs which are visible for visitors.

The system of movable walls provides the possibility to relocate them whenever you want to reorganise your spaces. After taking them down in a professional way, they can be re-mounted in different place.

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