Mobile walls at universities – how can they improve activities?

New challenges are to be faced by universities. Every academic year is a year that requires certain reorganisation – changes in the number of places offered in specific fields of study, launching new specialisations, establishing new closed research groups or offering preparatory courses for those who just have to decide about their professional path. It is also another year of activities of intelligent elites, conventions, scientific conferences. Each such event needs a number of measures to be used in order to successfully carry out all activities. One of the components is the organisation of the venue where the scientific staff, students and pupils can multitudinously gather.

Mobile acoustic walls – a solution that meets the needs

Academic halls are often adapted to seat 200 and more people. In case of lectures for large groups or event bringing together plenty of listeners, it is a reasonable amount. However, academic undertakings often bring together smaller clusters of listeners. With respect to ever changing timetables and occasional events, it is worth choosing a proven solution – acoustic mobile walls. They make it possible to divide a big lecture hall in two smaller independent ones. Acoustic properties assure the comfort for two groups of users being created this way. They also allow keeping the interior aesthetics, maintaining the inimitable academic climate. It is a great facilitation and saving for the academic temples of knowledge.

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