Soft colours in offices – a trend that may last?

Soft colours in offices become more and more popular. We willingly apply especially the naturally occurring colours. They are neutral and can be used in almost every usable space – they are a base which can be combined with any material and colour, making interiors look inimitably and friendly at the same time.  

Combined with white

The colours of the earth, interior trims of materials having the structure of wood, perfectly blends in with white. The great and cosy effect of such a combination is the reason why people all over the world loved the Scandinavian style. Its assumption was to make interiors brighter and warmer, in the climate in which one cannot complain about the surplus of daylight. An office arranged this way will help you to build friendly atmosphere in your company, and also will make similar impression on your Client.

Warming grey

Fashionable shades of grey perfectly blend in with white and beige. This option is for those who want to build elegant and modern, and at the same time not too cold interiors. Grey broken down with bright and warm colours will lighten your room.

Classily with texture

Natural colours are also an ideal base for somewhat more expressive solutions. Patterns appearing on arrangement elements or a brick wall in intensive colour would ideally blend in with milk glass or white interior elements. Simultaneously, we will avoid an overdrawn and too glaring effect which is far away from the conception of tasteful interior.

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