Big restaurant, but cosy impression

It would seem that the only problem of large-space restaurant owners is to fill them will customers. The impression of spaciousness is certainly an advantage, however, at times, instead of attracting customers, it can repel them. How to organize a given space, so as to encourage visits, both, during quiet weekdays, and emotion laden weekends?    

Weekend craziness

Enormous restaurant, with just a few last tables unoccupied, from which can be heard boisterous voices of amused guests, amidst some jazz music?... For a weekend proposal, this sounds just great. Free of work days are made for play, for recuperating after a forceful week. These are the moments, when noise and buzz let swing into a joyful mood and let for a few hours forget the day-to-day hardships. These are the moments, when people reach out for entertainment, which they can’t afford during a five-day work routine. Listening to a mini concert of a decent music group, which entertains guests with some subtle sounds, while at the same time enjoying good food in the company of friends, is surely, an attractive option for a weekend. Then, a large space at the disposal of restaurant owners is to their advantage – it enables for organizing a good-style, large and fruitful undertaking. How to organize, however, the same place, so that it would attract customers also during other days of the week…?   

Smaller space, greater comfort

Often, the expectations of customers visiting restaurant during week day are very different. At times, they organize business meetings there, which require discretion and peaceful atmosphere, or else, they want to relax, calm down, or while having a nice dinner, recuperate for challenges to come. It happens at times to be just the only moment left, amidst a myriad of affairs, to spend quality time with family. In such case, places, which are cosier, are more desirable, and more visited. In order to convert our venue easily into just such a place, and create an ambience, slightly different than the one during weekend, sliding walls are a good idea. Their right configuration enables for making smaller zones inside of a restaurant, which shall give an impression of intimacy. In addition, the interior will look more friendly – large premises, where empty tables still awaiting guests, can make an unpleasant impression.

A play of colour

Flexibility of interior can be enhanced also by means of a proper selection of colours. Dark interior is a good idea for intriguing and attractive scenery for weekend, climatic music events. If we opt for light-coloured panels of sliding walls, enriched by some interesting carvings, the dark colour of the interior shall emphasise the elegance, whereas the light-coloured, warm accents, shall create a cosy atmosphere.

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