Doors and locks in the Komandor Walls system

Every office and every single business differ from one another, henceforth, they require individual solutions. The Komandor Walls systems of mobile walls provide the answer to the needs of the customers. A wide array of finishing materials, as well as some advanced technologies, make possible organization of just any space.

Komandor Walls system doors

Depending on a given system, Komandor Walls offers a selection of doors, either one-winged or two-winged, and even, as is the case with Aurora, sliding doors. The choice is up to the discretion of customer, which is backed up by our experts’ professional advice.

Which lock – traditional or electronic?

Each of these solutions has got its advantages and drawbacks. Traditional locks are more of a money-saving option, which is often satisfactory for the needs of a given company. Advanced technologies of electronic locks, however, let for greater control over office space and office access. By opting for electronic lock, we can choose a model, which enables for coding access to separate zones with the use of card. In this way, by handing over a card to employee, we let him enter just those rooms, which are apt for his position. Each of these options, both, traditional (mechanic) locks, and electronic ones, are fixed in the Komandor systems of mobile walls.  


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