Flexible business – what does this slogan really mean?

Flexibility of business is one of the most discussed issues of the recent times. What is it about? Is it just a volatile trend or a market requirement? Companies, which at one time recorded excellent results, nowadays struggle with sales slumps, are forced to change sectors, broaden their product range, or offer customers new services, often far reached from the basic, one-time offer. This happens as the market is constantly evolving just like customer requirements.

Offer and customer service flexibility

The contemporary customer is more conscious of his own rights and needs. Prior to making a purchase decision, he tends to analyse the costs, ponders on product quality and utility. Customer has got an easy access to knowledge – by making use of industry-specific internet pages, internet forums, he is able, while investing minimum effort in the process, to get familiar not just with the specifics of a given product or service, but also to get to know opinions of other users, which in practice tested out other solutions. This forces a company to be more flexible in terms of price, product range, and even in matters such as PR – the voice of a single customer, especially unsatisfied one, has a great momentum in the Internet. Right now, opinion on a given company is shaped not just by product quality, but also the manner and professionalism of customer service, and the competencies of the staff – especially of this, having direct contact with customer.    

Flexibility of staff management

More and more widespread is also flexible management of company staff. Frequently, in order to realize given goals, task groups are formed, whereas at times company structures are reorganized. Managers raise their skills in human capital management – they observe the potential of their team, see to its development and strive to share responsibilities correctly, which builds in staff members, a sense of company loyalty.    

Flexibility of usable area

A good location is not the only factor, which determines the functionality of an office space or attractiveness of a venue for customer reunion. Due to ever changing market, and thus due to changes taking place inside of companies, there is a need for solutions, which shall meet corporate needs. One of these, are mobile acoustic walls. They ensure not just rapid partition of the interior, thus providing practical configuration of space, but also work comfort. They let fully organize usable area and ensure its functionality. They also mean substantial time and money savings potential – thanks to mobile partitioning of interiors, we can easily and rapidly convert several office areas into a single, larger surface area, which shall serve us, for instance, as a conference room, and which shall let us organize some important meetings inside of our company walls, and not beyond them.  

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