Countless arrangement options

The Komandor sliding and movable wall systems allow you to freely arrange rooms and reorganise spaces. Find out a wide variety of options provided by our products to divide the space in an attractive and functional way.

Dividing usable space

A multitude of solutions offered by us makes it possible to adapt any space. Making use of our experience on the international market and in the work with Clients, we have developed a wide range of mobile wall systems, which meet best the needs of business and of private persons.

The products from the MAW family are sliding systems which move on tracks mounted to the room ceiling. Owing to their mobility, the user may at any time divide the space on his own into smaller spaces. On the other hand, the TAW products being offered by us, which are characterised by extremely strong and durable construction, allow you to separate rooms temporarily without the need to interfere the building structure. The Aurora System is a light and economic solution created both for business and for private persons. In addition, each of our solutions can be individually modified depending on the Client’s assumptions and objectives and on the building specificity (read more about particular solutions in the PRODUCTS tab).

Combining materials

The solutions proposed by us are not only a possibility to introduce a functional division of spaces. It is also a care for the highest-quality aesthetics. Our experts provided for the possibility to combine various fillings within the systems – in case of part of the panels, you can chose complete filling, in case of others – milk glass, while the door can be completely transparent. All this allows you to achieve the highest-quality aesthetics and concurrently to increase functionality of applied solutions.

Only your imagination sets the limits

The usable space not necessarily has to be preservative. Depending on the type of activity performed by our Client, he may choose from among a number of non-standard solutions. A white board in one of the fillings, intensively coloured glass or panels with interesting pattern – all that is available in our offer. It is worth venturing an unconventional arrangement, which will be the best showcase for creativity of managers and hosts.

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