Aurora Light temporary partition walls

System description

The lightweight Aurora partition system from KOMANDOR is simple to install, designed for easy and flexible interior reconfiguration. Separating the interior surface by using lightweight glass panels that are maintaining the optical impression of spaciousness, they are applicable to both public buildings and private apartments.

Aurora system is prepared for installation at the specific location, on the basis of individual architectural design.

Technical specifications

Panel thickness

48 mm

Wall height

3000 mm or 3500 mm (suspended ceiling)

Panel width

1100 mm

Sound insulation

Rw <= 29 dB

Fire classification

none flame spreading


4-6 mm thickness safety glass or double glazing


sliding door up to 1100 mm or standard up to 900 mm

Panel weight without filler (system)

1,80 kg/m2

Panel weight with standard filler

16,10 kg/m2


System construction

Aurora system frame consists of aluminum profiles and safety glass or double-glass fillers. The system is designed to fill the space between the floor and the ceiling and between the room walls when required. Different types of handles can be installed in the wall panels. In order to create corners or to stiffen the structure, the construction post is mounted.

This system allows for electrical wiring instalations, sockets and switches in the wall panels. Independent coupling systems between the panels allows easy replacement of damaged parts if necessary.

To ensure maximum safety, Aurora partition wall systems have European Technical Certifications


The large office space can be divided into smaller segments, which allows the creation of rooms for one or several employees and also a room for appointments with clients and common rooms, such as a room with copying machines and printers or lounges. The whole office, together with the inner hall, has access to natural window light. Although the rooms are smaller, the office gives the impression of having a bigger space.

We can also separate segments of the desired shape in a common space. The design is preferable in many different sorts of offices and banks, where a large number of the clients are served and there is a need for privacy and visibility of services at the same time.

We can create two work rooms and the areas divided by the partition walls, optically gained more space. Pivoting doors were installed at the entrance. Construction solutions allowed installing the walls in series of different heights. Above the doors a plasterboard wall was positioned as a place for the installation of air conditioning.

We propose the use of Aurora partition walls in private apartments to separate wardrobes, a kitchenette or a bedroom. Separated rooms seem visually larger giving the impression of greater space.


In order to increase the utility of the separated rooms, it is possible to join the panels at different angles. Below an example of joining the panels at an angle of 120˚: inner and outer view.

We can connect three panels at any given angle and finish the wall with a 75x75 mm square-profile pilar.


In the Aurora partition wall system we can assemble sliding doors (max. 110 cm) and pivoting doors (from 60 cm to 90 cm width) as a regular doorway.

At the door of tempered glass we can mount locks according to customer requirements. Hinges are installed to the door frame mounted on a square pillar.

Sliding doors are mounted in a single concealable track in the floor so that it does not create a threshold. We protect the wall against door damage with a wall-mounted profile.

Mounting of partition wall

Due to special handles it is possible to fix the walls to the slab in the rooms with a suspended ceiling, above which technical installations may run. The handles guarantee the reliable and solid fitting of the top profiles. The maximum distance between the ceilings and the slab is 60 cm, and the minimum is 11.5 cm. The system of installation does not require any additional construction work.

The construction of the top track allows for the installation of horizontal window shutters in the spare tracks.

The Aurora partition walls may be installed only inside the finished buildings.

Fire resistance

Classification of flame spreading issued by Building Research Institute confirmed that Aurora partition walls are classified as none flame spreading under the internel fire exposure.

Sound insulation

Aurora wall partition systems are effective sound insulation between separate rooms. This is a very important feature when working or when you need a rest.

Certificates and tests

Products in our offer have the technical parameters confirmed by certificates and external tests. Aurora partition system feature the highest quality standards confirmed by sound insulation and fire confirmed by Building Research Institute certificates.

KOMANDOR, global expert in interior design, producing the original systems for 25 years, thanks to its experience and production capacity, guarantees the highest quality service.

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