TAW 2 with muntin Temporary Acoustic double-Wall with muntin

System description

The KOMANDOR TAW2 double-wall partition system has high acoustic parameters and allows easy separation of rooms from any space. Thanks to the use of various connections, it is possible to create joined walls at a minimum angle of 30 °. TAW 2 double-wall may have a very large glass surface in relation to the wall panel surface. We achieve high soundproof qualities and wall stability, thanks to the panel frame which only has 4 cm height by 11 cm wide cross-section. The system is divided into 3 subsystems:
- modular - which is characterized by maximum stiffness of the wall,
- divided - which is characterized by very high stiffness of the wall and gives lots of light,
- without dividers - which is characterized by very good stiffness and the most light.

The ideal use for TAW2 double-wall systems is for their transparency and sound insulation parameters. It is ideal for public buildings where their properties require a very important functional and aesthetic aspect. TAW2 is an attractive alternative to other solutions such as office divisions, separation of corridors from staircases, restaurants or other service facilities and it is also a visually stunning separation of space in hotels.


Technical Specifications

Types of TAW2 wall fillers:
Types of TAW2 wall fillers:
- maximum dimension of a single glass pane 1500 x 3438 mm.

Types of connections:
- minimum angle of connected walls - 30° (using a wall pole or Ø10 mm pipe),
- 90° (connection of the pane - pane, or with a square tube of 110 mm).


Construction system

The TAW 2 double-wall panel has an external frame only 4 cm high. Each panel of the TAW 2 system has a filling of two safety glass panes with a thickness of approx. 6 mm to approx. 16 mm. Thanks to the use of a variety of connections it is possible to combine panels at a minimum angle of 30°, which allows creative divisions of the surface.



In any wall chosen by the customer we can install single or double doors, full glass, with an aluminum frame (hidden hinge) or wooden frame (hidden hinge). We offer a full range of traditional or electronic locks available on the market, ensuring protection against unauthorized entry into the separated rooms.

Types of TAW2 doors:
- Glazed (6 or 8 mm) with an aluminum frame (Kubi K7080 concealed hinge or surface mounted Wala WX),
- Wooden (with a hidden hinge Istar 505),
- Full-glass 8-16 mm (with a Wala WTB hinge).

In every door it is possible to install a fascia improving the acoustics.


Wall installation

The TAW2 double-wall is installed in the ceiling of the room in two basic ways: directly to the reinforced concrete ceiling with the use of anchors and screws or with a different type of ceiling and suspended ceiling using a steel structure (top track) mounted to the ceiling with metal pins. The installation location and the choice of mounting requires the individual assessment of and the size of the wall. Typically we install the TAW2 double-wall to the floor and walls using anchors and screws.


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