TAW 1 Single-glass Temporary Walls

System description

Single-glass temporary acoustic walls by Komandor Walls TAW1 are an ideal solution for dividing interiors in modern buildings. They are permanently mounted to the floor and ceiling of the room. They have excellent mechanical and acoustic parameters, which are the result of an optimal and reliable construction design solution, obtained from many years of engineering  experience. Thanks to the use of high quality materials, the wall is characterized by durable stiffness, perfect acoustic insulation and optimal design. At the moment when reconfiguration of rooms is needed, TAW 1 walls do not require any disturbance of the building structure and demolition as in the case of standard gypsum drywalls. They allow for easy removal and re-installation of the wall in a different place, which is a very important attribute of the dynamics of running a business.

Single-glass walls TAW 1, can be used for example in public buildings, where soundproofing will allow you to work in silence. The strength of the wall structure is secure, by providing an impassable barrier, whereas the ability to move the wall is an option that becomes invaluable in the future.


Technical Specifications

Glass installation system

Glazing Strips e30: gaskets pressed in to Aluminum profiles


Strips s40 & S40-100: with screw fasteners

Stiffening Profile Thickness

33 mm (Profile e30)

40 mm (Profile s40 i s40-100)

Stiffening Profile Height

e30: 27 mm (Bottom Profile) i 30 mm (Top Profile)

s40: 40 mm

s40-100: 100 mm

Flame Test

A1 *

Klasa odporności ogniowej

nie określono

Wall Height

Building Contruction Requirments (to Max 3500 mm)

Individual Glass Width

450 - 1500 mm – Standard configuration



200 mm  –  for glass height < 2000 mm

250 mm  –  for glass height 2000 – 2500  mm

300 mm  – for glass height  2500 – 3000  mm

350 mm  – for glass height > 3000 mm

Glass Options

Tempered: 10 mm, 12 mm

Laminated: 55.1 (10,3 mm), 55.2 (10,7 mm), 66.1 (12,3 mm), 66.2 (12,7 mm), 66.3 (13,1 mm), 88.2 (16,7 mm)


Frameless, single or double

Framed, single

Wall Weight

24,77 kg/m2  (z szybą 10 mm)

29,65 kg/m2  (z szybą 12 mm)

39,41 kg/m2  (z szybą 16 mm)

Aluminum profiles are classified as non-flammable and meeting the requirements of class A1 reaction to fire in accordance with EN 13501-1 without testing, in accordance with the Decision of the European Commission 96/603/EC, as amended by the European Commission Decision 2000/605/EC and 2003/424/EC.

The glazing units are classified as non-flammable and meeting the requirements of class A1 of reaction to fire according to EN 13501-1 without testing, in accordance with Decision 96/603/EC of the European Commission, as amended by European Commission Decision 2000/605/EC and 2003/424/EC.


System construction

The construction of the single-glass wall TAW is based on a aluminum frame reinforcement externally integrated with a width of 40 mm.  Each TAW 1 panel is filled with a safety glass pane with a thickness of 10 mm to 16 mm.



In any wall panel chosen by the customer, a single or double door can be installed. We offer a full range of traditional or electronic locks available on the market, ensuring protection against unauthorized entry into the separated room.



Wall installation

The single-glass temporary acoustic wall TAW 1, is installed in the ceiling of the room in two basic ways: directly to the reinforced concrete ceiling with the use of concrete plugs or with another type of ceiling and a ceiling suspended by means of an aluminum structure mounted to the ceiling on suspended ceiling pins. The choice of the variant depends on the individual assessment of the installation location and the size of the wall. At the bottom and sides, the wall is assembled using concrete expansion plugs.


KOMANDOR, global expert in interior design, producing original sliding systems for 25 years, thanks to its experience and production capacity, guarantees service of the highest quality.

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